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What We Do

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The List

This might be the most important thing we do together.  Assembling and curating a list of possible colleges is crucial. How do you find schools that reflect your needs, interests, goals, and personality? How do you find schools at all that you haven’t heard of through relatives, friends, or media? 

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essay coaching

Your essay is your best chance for your schools to see the real, authentic you.  I don’t want to intrude on that authenticity.  On the contrary: I will help you explore topics that best showcase the real you.  Once you decide on your best bet, I’ll help you edit and work through as many drafts as you like until you have your best essay possible. 

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The timeline

Together we’ll build a timeline of everything from your SAT/ACT dates to college visits, Early Decision deadlines, standard application deadlines, and projected notification dates from your colleges.

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sat/act coaching

While some schools are no longer requiring standardized tests, most still do and all will still take it into consideration. Even without a formal prep course, you can improve your score through simple strategies. Picking up as few as ten questions on the SAT will improve your score 100 points. Your test scores will count towards consideration for scholarships and other financial aid.

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interview practice

A lot of schools don’t require an admissions interview, although it’s certainly available in many cases.  The good scholarships, though, often feature interviews with committees composed of admissions staff, faculty, and alumni.  We’ll talk about wardrobe, handshake, posture, common questions, and good answers, and practice them all.

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Advice in choosing classes and activities

Admissions officers want to see that you’ve followed your passions, not that you’ve over-scheduled yourself: being an officer in every club, spending every summer on grueling service trips, and taking too many easy-A classes in subjects you don’t care about in order to pad your GPA.  Admissions deans say they’d rather have you get a B in an AP Calculus class than As in easier courses. 


Tools That Drive Results


With our exclusive online portal, your student will have instant access to information about all the colleges they want. They will have the ability to generate reports comparing schools and showing them how their own test scores and GPAs stack up against accepted freshmen at their schools. There is a feature for your student to exchange messages with me, and the portal also serves as a central hub for reminders, meeting notes, and to do lists.



  • I will neither solicit nor accept compensation from schools/programs for placing or attempting to place students with them.

  • I will not offer compensation to schools/programs for consideration of placing students with them.

  • I will not accept remuneration from colleges for campus research visits.

  • I will not guarantee any acceptance or outcome.

  • I will not write a student’s essays.  We will brainstorm ideas, talk about structure, and proofread/edit together.

The mission of this firm is to help students find the colleges that best suit them, and then to help those students present themselves in their best and truest light to those schools. The goal is to make a great match.  Nobody benefits if I “get you in” to a school that doesn’t suit you and where you’re not prepared to succeed.  I will help you present your best self, but will not “package” you as someone you’re not.